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Meet the Trainer
Sandra Akers

Twenty plus years experience in raising, training, and competing with dogs to Regional and National Levels in multiple different dog sports.

Training your pet is not about tough love or who is top dog. I’ve been training, and competing with animals since 1994. I have competed in National events with both Equine and Canine alike, I know what it takes to build that bond with your animal companion. Over the years I have developed a method of balanced training for dogs and owners, that creates clear communication between canine and human to make your lives better as partners, and to be able to achieve any training goal that you have with your partner.

AKC Certified Trainer 
AKC Certified Tester 

AKC Certified Temperament Tester

AKC FITDOG Level I Instructor
FEDAB Certified Judge 
IronDog International Certified Temperament Tester and Judge 
ABRA, ABA Certified Conformation Judge 
NKC Breed Inspector

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