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Board an Train

We don't train dogs, we develop man's best friend.

Are you looking for a guaranteed training option?

Have a human aggressive dog?

Have a dog aggressive dog?

Want off leash control of your dog?

Having issues with a recall?

Just looking for basic obedience an some house manners?

Need help finishing your house an crate training of the new puppy?

Nervous or reactive dog needing to build confidence?

if you are shaking your head yes to this list this is the best training option i have for you to have your dog fully trained by our trainer and then you are taught how to command your now trained dog.

Contact us today for the next available evaluation slot to get the correct program selected for you and your dog. 

Stonegrove"s Mister Sinister.

Inboard Training Program

Guaranteed Training Services

Your dog comes and lives with the trainer for 4 to 6 weeks depending on the training package the owner has selected for their dog. 1. Puppy development program for pups 12 weeks to 6 months. Only 2 week option available and NO guarantee for puppy development.2. Basic obedience  3. Off leash obedience4. Behavior Modification 5. Human Aggressive/Reactive 6. Dog Aggressive/Reactive

Inboard Training Program : Classes
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