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Rumble and Sin

Other Training Services

School Was Never so Much Fun

In addition to our normal obedience classes we offer a few other special classes and services.
Trick Dog Class
Therapy Dog Prep Class
Puppy Selection
Temperament Testing

Speciality Services: Classes

Puppy  Selection


I will sit down with you and your family to help you pick what puppy best suits your life. i will then work with your selected breeder in selecting the best puppy available to you out of the litter for your household.

Temperament Testing


Certified thru AKC and IronDog International for administering temperament tests for all breeds of dogs. i offer temperament testing of entire litters for breeders as well as temperament testing individual dogs for certian training programs, as well as temperament testing rescue dogs for fitting into potential new homes.

Sound Mind

Reactive/Aggressive Dog Rehab

$200 Per Session

These sessions are designed to help teach owners their dogs warning signals and how to manage their reactivity toward other people or dogs.  We teach the dog the behaviors we want them to display along side correcting the unwanted behavior the dog is currently displaying.  These sessions are done at your home.

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