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Happy Pet Owners

Here’s What They’re Saying

Sandi is a true professional. She really knows how a dog thinks. Sandi trains the owners along with their faithful companion. We took our puppy to the reactivate training and had fantastic results we decided to take him to her for day training. Our puppy is doing great and we have seen so much improvement in his behavior overall. Folks, you will thank me for referring Sandi after one lesson!

Estelle Carenza

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I just happened upon Sandi while searching for a particular type of dog. She was so very helpful in regards to the right way to go about choosing a dog. After I found a really awesome dog - thanks to Sandi - I began training with her and her associates. I really can't say enough about all of them. Sandi has been nothing but helpful, and forthcoming with what I have to do to get my puppy where I want to go and to realize his potential. She also helps with the "human" aspect of training. I actually live about 2 1/2 hours from her training center, yet make the drive every week to work with her. I had lots of options much closer to home, but after my first initial meeting with Sandi, I felt that she was the right person for what I needed. If you are on the fence about choosing a trainer, take the time to go and meet her. You will not be disappointed.

Bad Romance aka Roman

Kimberly Lacina

I have trained with Sandi for just about 10 years now. I have trained multiple personal dogs for everything from basic obedience, therapy work, and protection sports. I also send all my local puppies to her and we refer many clients of my veterinary clinic to her! Sandi is a great trainer and you will not be disappointed!

Marie Roderiques

So my first dog and I decide to get a Malinois. What in the world was I thinking. Not really sure but I new from day one I loved my little Angel but I also new that I needed professional help. As everyone claims to be a dog trainer, I wasn’t sure what was right and what was wrong so I got off to a slow start with my pup. But after deciding that I was going to send my puppy out of town to a trainer after being fed up with the training I was receiving I met Sandy. And once I met Sandy my search for a great dog trainer stop as I new I had found one in her. So to make a long story short as I could go on and on about her. If you are looking for in the Southwest Florida area Sandy and K9 Development center is the very best. For any age dog. She put me and my puppy on a path for lifetime success and I am thankful to have met her!

Charles Nelson

Sandi is confident and experienced in dog training and evaluating. We use her for evaluating puppies and she has been “Right on.”
My daughter also used her for training with her large breed dogs and she was excellent.

Patricia Wallace

We adopted a 2 year old dog who had absolutely no manners or training and after four training sessions with Sandy our dog will now sit, heel, come, look, lay down & stay on command.  This was all accomplished without the use of a shock collar.  We intend to continue training for our dog.  Sandy truly cares about the people and animals with which she works.  We would recommend her to anyone who desires K9 training.

Nancy Brassfield

Sandi at The K9 Development Center is an extraordinary dog trainer. Her uncanny ability to get dogs to think is what sets her apart from other dog trainers. She has been training my dog "Rumble" since he was 6 weeks old. Rumble is now a 15 months old puppy and he has more discipline then your average 15 year old child. The K9 Development Center is definitely the way to go for all of your dog training needs.

William Reynolds 

Sandi, at the K9 development center, is excellent. I'm very happy I found her when I needed to get started on training my GSD puppy. She is very knowledgeable, but most importantly, honest. Do not waste your time at corporate stores with their trainers and B.S beliefs

Kevin Bowles

My dog did great in the class! Sandi taught me how to teach her good manners and obedience. I’m signing up for the next level classes! I highly recommend Sandi and K9 Development! 🐩🐕‍ ❤️

Suzy Harden

Sandy is an excellent trainer, she not only teaches the dog,she teaches you. Listen to her and you will have the perfect best friend ❤! Sandy has trained 2 of my dogs and will be soon training my new dog. I would recommend her to anybody who looking to correct a problem or simply add an additional skill for their dog.

Cindy Roepke

Sandi has trained many dogs for us. She has helped me with numerous issues with dogs over the many years we’ve used her services. She explains everything very well and makes sure that you understand why you need to do it. You can depend on her to be there when you need her and she stands behind her training. I wouldn’t trust my dogs with anyone else!

Diana Abel

Sandi has trained many dogs for us. She has helped me with numerous issues with dogs over the many years we’ve used her services. She explains everything very well and makes sure that you understand why you need to do it. You can depend on her to be there when you need her and she stands behind her training. I wouldn’t trust my dogs with anyone else!

Adriana Franceschini

Sandi is as honest and straight forward as anyone person can be. She will tell you exactly what the problem is and where it is coming from. Dog, handler . Doesn’t matter. If you want top shelf quality training for your dog and yourself. K9 Development Center is the place to go.

Troy Melton

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Happy Pet Owners

Here’s What They’re Saying

I own a Cane Corso that Sandi trained. He is so well behaved and follows his command, training makes the difference. Great job Sandi! Thank You!

Jan Macdonald 

I worked with the canine development center in training my puppy to know what is expected of him. Sandi helped me to understand how to communicate with him and 3 years later, he is a GREAT dog! I refer everyone to the K9 development center who needs expert help with their dog’s behavioral needs.

Sharon Lomnicki 

Sandi is a true professional trainer with lots of experience in a lot of different areas of obedience. I learned a lot and hope to continue training with her in the future.

Cathy Hanratty

Ms. Akers is the best trainer I have come across. We met years ago when my dog had serious issues. Dog aggression did not listen to commands nervous agitated altogether a mess!! Ms. Akers worked with myself of course but the attention she still gives to myself and to Achilles touches my heart. We love you Sandi!!

Sherry Roberts

I would highly recommend this training service! Sandi is very knowledgeable and was able to help me with my stubborn American Bulldog puppy.

Heather Isabel

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